Head Tail Trick


1. Choose from the listed sites below as they have been properly researched for years and the are doing great
2. Select value bet / Amount (amount bet) according to your desired (usually chosen from $ 1 to $ 256)
3. Select the “head” or “tail”.
4. Click the button bet now
5. After clicking on the bet now button you will be directed to Perfect Money payment screen with the value or amount bet it will redirecting to Perfect Money Payment Processing page insert your Perfect Money Membership account number and password to continue.on the second page, and the contents turning number as reply appeared,follow the instructions on the page to complete of payment process.

6. After the payment process, click back to the merchant and you will know a win or loose.



Before you enter the games, you should understand this logic and this is it,imagine! how likely is if you throw a coin in a row the same results hold? There’s no way you lose 5 times in a row! yes it can’t be “tail” appears 5 times in a row without interspersed “head” though! i can confirm 100% of your profit apply if you follow the instructions below.


Please read it carefully,follow the rules and you will always win he,e is my simple tricks and rules to play the game,this is a random game,the wining chance is 50:50

RULE NUMBER 1: Don’t be GREEDY if you are greedy you will lose,you could use this trick with other similar game such as roulette in casino: red or black and same or diff e.t.c they usually pay double from your bet For instance: bet $1, if you win you get $2 (include your principal) So now we can move to play with this tricks:

Always pick one:
If you pick tail, always tail..
If you pick head..always head.. until you win!


There are two types of tricks which i will be showing you.

TRICK 1: (lower risk ):

Bet $1, if you win take the money and start again with $1,if you loose $1 bet $2
Bet $2, if you win take the money and start again with $1,if you loose $2 bet $4
Bet $4, if you win take the money and start again with $1,if you loose $4 bet $8 ( do this until you win)
Bet $8, if you win then your profit is: $8 – $7 ($1 + $2 + $4) = $1 ( after 4 games you win $1)

” After win always go back to bet with $1 again “

TRICK 2: ( higher risk)

Actually it all depend on how much money you have,if you have a lot of money you can play and enjoy trick 2

Bet $1, if you win take the money and start again with $1,if you loose $1 bet $3
Bet $3, if you win take the money and start again with $1,if you loose $3 bet $7
Bet $7, if you win take the money and start again with $1,if you loose $7 bet $15
Bet $15, if you win then your profit is: $15 – $11 ($1 + $3 + $7) = $4 ( after 4 games you win $4)

” After win always go back to bet with $1 again “

With this trick i won $150 a day with only $100 as capital best trick to play,if you lose $57 (lose:$1,$3,$7,$15,$31) bet $200 and you will win,i experience this 2 times when I lose $57,i bet $200 and i won almost $200 a day i don’t know if it’s a good trick or luck work for me,you can try and prove it by yourself and if you’ve won three times from a site don’t be greedy go to the other site until you finish playing from the list of sites below


You won two times from each site gives you $2
Now $2 X 12 sites = $24
$24 X 4 times daily = $96 just in a day,that is a good deal,play tomorrow again,don’t be too greedy.

Assuming you start playing today and you are making $120 profit per day that is cool $3600 monthly online extra earnings for you! This is an amazing once in a life time opportunity i have just shown you here for FREE you can’t afford to miss it! You will surely make money into your perfect money account if you follow the two systems

NOTE;This is the 8 times sequence bets from the both tricks:

TRICK 1: BET 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128 ( lower risk )
TRICK2: BET 1,3,7,15,31,63,127,255 ( higher risk)

You can create your own trick after you are expert with the trick 1 and 2,it all depend on how much money you have in your perfect money wallet as you can see below after 8 bests

TRICK 1: Need you for the 9th bet is: $256
TRICK 2: Need you for the 9th bet is: $511

But with trick 2 you will get more money than trick 1

Below are list of some reputable perfect money head and tail game site,i have properly make research on them,i am giving you a 100% guaranteed fair play,right click on the first banner to open the website into a new tab or click on it to redirect you the site on some browser,play two or three times on each platform before going to the other one.

————– Don’t betting too faster/repeatedly, if you lose.. wait for 1 or 2 minutes to bet again, or bet on the following perfect money game site among the listed sites,i personally recommend these sites as they are trusted sites.

————– Losers usually increase their risk without they realize it, example: Hey why don’t i start with $2? I could get more money than start with $1.. You are right but with this way you increase your risk except if you have a lot of money , This is the sample of human greedy, if i you have $1000 as capital ..why should i use those trick, why don’t i use my own trick? why don’t i start with $10 for instance? Well.. that all depend on your experience, my suggestion: calculate all the possibility very carefully.. Greediness will lose while Patience will win !!,its possible we play against the machine/webmaster of the game. Suggestion to avoid the webmaster know our detail and game technique

————– Don’t play in just one website, play in several website and don’t play too long, after three winnings.. go to other website.

The basic principle is that if lost you have to play double the value bet amount 2 times the value of your lost And if still in a losing position, keep playing double bet 2times value of the previous bet until there is victory. After the win, start again with your initial starting bet which is $ 1.Repeat the same process to make distinguished profit from the sites listed below.
In my practice for years back,it has never happens continuously 8 times defeat,most often it happens maximum win on the bet is between 4 to 5 times,in fact sometimes i win in the first or second bet.

Practice this trick on the sites which I listed above they have been trustworthy for years and they have never disappoint me for one,i can assure you definitely fair play and every winning will be paid instantly into your perfect money account 100% guaranteed
I have listed them to assist you and save your time playing the game,save this particular URL or website you are reading presently on your computer or notepad to help in quick search of the listed sites for daily playing of the game to meet your $3600 or more monthly budget using Trick 1 and 2.
Click the first site banner it will direct you to there website play two or three times and go to the other site until you play from all the sites listed,it wouldn’t take you more than 40 to 50 minute to complete the action and you have your account credited instantly REMEMBER don’t stay too long on a site.
Keep this particular URL or website you are reading save on your computer to give you a daily review of the perfect money game sites that gives fair play game,share this information with friends and family on Facebook e.t.c,because it’s going to make a great impart in there life,enjoy a fair play and look forward to see you on top.